About us

We understand pet care “feeding” as the name of our website. Feedpetfood is a small, beautiful company started by John Ty who is also the founder and owner of petsonlineinc.com.

In July 2016, we began to focus on pet feed store customization services for more than 3000 stores including Walmart, Amazon, and Petsmart.

At the end of 2016, we begin to extend services to online customers. For example, our company offers a variety of grain-free and organic dog food mix products. Many people are concerned about health issues such as allergies and obesity when it comes to pets’ eating habits so that they need to purchase specific foods for their four-legged friends.

John Ty was born in Utah, and then he became a web designer. He used to be an owner of petsonlineinc.com which has recently been registered on the market as a corporate identity.

Now, I’m focusing mainly on pet food customization services for local stores such as Walmart, Petsmart, and other independent retailers throughout the United States. Also, we provide online services for people who live in different countries to have a chance to order various types of dog food mix items that are made of organic ingredients such as apple cider vinegar or kelp powder at feedpetfood.

When it comes to our company’s history, actually there is not much information because our website was only launched one month. So far we did customizable services for 10 stores, and now we are going to release more information about us soon.

After launching our new website, we will try to update customers on a regular basis (weekly) with important news and press releases about us. Also, you can find out how much pet food customization services cost from our quote page.

If you have any questions or want to order something then call us at 801-684-5277 or contact us via e-mail.