Best Senior Cat Food for Weight Gain – [Buyer’s Guide]

Best Senior Cat Food for Weight Gain – Since health problems are affecting every sphere of our life, we and our loved ones too. Pets are one of the most important parts of our lives, and many of us have cat’s whom we adore and love so much, but certain health problems affect every their health very easily that is, cats tend to be a victim of obesity very easily, but also doesn’t matter if it is rare in some cases cats do face being underweight issues. This can be caused due to many medical problems which eventually leads to unhealthy weight loss which happens particularly in matured and grown cats. And when this situation arrives the best you can do is run to a veterinarian, in the case where your cat starts losing weight. Or there are other, which the veterinarian also suggests that is the inclusion of cat food that is especially particularly formulated for cats weight gain.

Best Senior Cat Food for Weight Gain

Best Senior Cat Food for Weight Gain

Here in this article, we have brought you some best suggestions for cat food that would help your cat in fighting the diseases that are caused due to unhealthy weight loss and will help your cat is gaining weight. But it’s important to the root causes of this unhealthy weight loss before we dive into the list of these cat foods.

So What Is the Reason for Cats’ Weight Loss?

So, the first and the foremost reason for the weight loss that is seen in cats can be caused due to decreased metabolic activity, and the reason for its occurrence can be because of age, or it could perhaps happen due to an underlying medical problem.

The following are some of the most common causes of unhealthy weight loss in cats:

  • It’s possible that your cat isn’t getting enough calories from its meals. Depression, anxiety, or stress (causing them to avoid eating) Severe pancreatitis in cats Bacteria and parasites in the digestive tract Hyperthyroidism Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), feline leukemia virus (FeLV), and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) are Chronic nephrotic syndrome Cancer Problems with the teeth, gums, or mouths, such as tooth decay or inflammation Disorders of the central nervous system (CNS)
  • First, we start with the intake of less or Insufficient calories, ( the case might be if the cat is taking your cat’s food)
  • Then the cause that not only cats but also humans are affected too, anxiety, depression or stress, yes you heard it right. Anxiety, stress, or depression can occur in cats also, which can cause them the lack or insufficiency of food intake, which will eventually lead to weight loss due to which there can be a great weight loss and which will eventually be the root to diseases and health deterioration.
  • As the average weight of a cat’s body is generally 10 pounds, that means every single pound in a cat’s body is essential. Which eventually means the loss of even one pound you should get the treatment for the same as quickly as possible because any delay in it can cause a sudden loss in your cat’s weight which can lead to dangerous disease is a fatty liver disease which can prove to be very fatal for your cat’s health.
  • Others include Parasites in the intestine. FIP, FIVkidney, and FeLV are all examples of gastrointestinal illnesses that may cause hyperthyroidism.
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Tips for Helping an Underweight Cat Gain Weight

You must take care of these health problems otherwise they can turn into something major and of more concern, treating the cause of these problems is very essential for your cat’s health. And for doing the same you can also be asked to make changes in the diet of your cats and also changes in their lifestyle too, which will eventually help them to get their healthy life back and be at pace again.

An underweight cat may benefit from these tips:

  • Firstly, which can be of help a lot, what you need to do is to try giving your cat a different kind of cat food and observe their response to it. Because they tend to change their taste as they increase in age.
  • You can try changing the quality of their which means you can just try improving the quality of their food to improve their digestion and to increase the absorbing power of the body to improve the absorption of nutrients.
  • If in case to feed your cat with dry food you can try switching to wet food instead and observe the response may be of your cat and results after changing the same.
  • And you can also try switching to meal topper which will help in making their meals and the food they have more appealing and attractive which will help in increasing their intake of the food. Which will eventually increase their body weight.
  • Food that is kept in big bags and left open in a warm environment might get rancid if you aren’t cautious when providing it to your cat, so make sure it is fresh before serving it.
  • If you tend to feed your cat wet food, make sure to serve it fresh and the best way can be to serve small servings to your kitty.
  • Sometimes you can try warming up your cat’s food when you are serving it make sure it should not contain onions.
  • It is better to feed your cat some small portions which can be served 3-4 times it would be better than providing one large meal.
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Also, we tend to think that feeding more food to your cat may help your cat in gaining more weight. And a plus negative is if they no interest in food that can make things more difficult. But before switching to any kind of treatment or any kind of balanced diet which is nutritious which is high in calories, fats, and protein, and will eventually help your cat ingrain more weight.

Some of the best senior cat foods are as follows which will help your car in fighting diseases and gaining weight for your cat:

#01 – Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth Kitten Chicken & Rice

The brand gained named Bluebuffalofirst5, which includes ingredients that include chicken meal, methadone, fish meal, brown rice, and deboned chicken. As chicken is the source of major protein. Calories in barley are 439 kcal. This brand serves food that is best for kitten intake. This is specially made for small cats that are kittens. This cat is mainly prepared for gaining weight because it’s no. 1 ingredient is meat. And This protein-rich diet will help your kitten is growing healthily. This brand of kitten food is a range of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

#02 – Best Limited Ingredients: Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets Dry Cat Food

Diets Dry Cat Food

Now moving ahead we have this brand which is a dry cat food that follows the rules of being a limited ingredient brand. And the most evident ingredient is real poultry and in their case, it’s the chicken with the green peas. This cat food is best suited for your fully grown cat which will in major weight gain and resolve health issues.

#03 – ZIWI Peak Canned Wet Cat Food

ZIWI Peak Canned Wet Cat Food

The ziwi brand is next, with a formulation designed specifically to help your cat put on weight thanks to its high moisture content and mouthwatering flavor. This cat food is filled with very good quality animal protein, and it is also free of grain which will eventually help in improving the digestion of your cat.

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#04 – Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Wet Cat Food

Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Wet Cat Food

Wellness is another well-known and a portion of great senior cat food for your cat, and it is best suitable for your kitten and we bet that your kitten would be able to resist this as this consists of chicken liver pate, turkey, and chicken. It is also very easy to digest which will eventually be a great delight to your kitten.

#05 – Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend With Real Chicken Dry Cat Food

Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend With Real Chicken Dry Cat Food

Now, this cat food is the one that contains very crunchy bits that are proven to be very rich in their nutritious quality. As chicken is every cat’s favorite food, this cat food will for sure be loved by your cat and this suffices their cravings for food.

It is suggested that an average protein level in cats is a minimum of 9 percent and a maximum should be 30 percent. And their bodies to function properly need some of the proper fat requirements for them to be healthy. Now Purina ONE tender only deals in the best blend of Real chicken and has a very high protein content of totally real chicken which has a very high level of 34 percent of content and the fat content is 13 percent which makes it be the best senior cat food for gaining the weight of your cat.

The best feature is that their food does not have any artificial fillers. It is very much infused with minerals and vitamins which are derived from natural ingredients that is why they have a chef’s kiss by nature and the fact that, naturally, it is the best for the growth of the whole body. This has enough fiber quite very much, which is very beneficial for increasing the digestion and also a very plus point and also it is an important point that this has a large amount of omega fatty acids which is very much needed for fluffy and healthy skin.

So, in the end, this article has covered every aspect of maintaining your cat’s health and majorly helps them to gain weight when they are suffering from major underneath issues. So, if your cat is suffering from any of the problems mentioned above this article can be of great help to you.

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